Company founded in 1983 with Cosmo Petrone and Beatrice Luperini. With the vision and the audacity to amaze the world with creativity, they have chosen to follow the path of handmade jewelry. They develop their creativity by bonding to art and antiques, experimenting transversally with ever-present forms and styles in line with trends. The inspiration comes from everything around us, from the most subtle suggestions of reality. Anticipating customers’ wishes and remaining faithful to seasonal trends, the collections increasingly combine tradition and research, craftsmanship and manual skills, together with innovative techniques. Skilled goldsmiths work on the product with dedication and love to create real art objects, pure testimony of the real Made in Italy. Maximum attention to details, stones, finishes to provide the final customer with jewels that excite at first sight and that always better meet the needs and variety of women.

Since the 2000s the company has also specialized in Private Labels production. Always guaranteeing maximum confidentiality and quality in accordance with customer needs, both Italian and international. In particular, we specialize in productions in 925 silver as a precious metal, and in TOMBACK and brass as a non-precious metal. This differentiation was born from the need to simultaneously serve the world of fashion and its most prestigious brands, where the main element is fantasy and inspiration, and jewelry houses where the main element is quality and precious metal.

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