Who are we?

In 1983 Cosmo Petrone and Beatrice Luperini founded the company with the aim of creating artisan jewels inspired by art and antiques, experimenting with forms and styles that are always current and in line with trends. The collections are made by combining artisan skills with innovative technologies, thus managing to combine tradition with innovation by producing unique and high quality pieces guaranteeing the true Made in Italy.

Since 2000, the company has also specialized in Private Labels production, ensuring careful attention to the selection of stones and finishes, ensuring maximum confidentiality and quality in accordance with the customer’s needs, both Italian and international. In particular, we specialize in the production of 925 silver as a precious metal, to meet the needs of the world of fashion and prestigious brands. Tomback and brass are worked as non-precious metal, where the main element is imagination and inspiration while maintaining the quality of the product.

Our lines

Vintage Bijoux

This elegant and refined line was born with the company with products that follow trends while maintaining the style that the brand represents.


A more youthful line that caters to customers who want simpler and more linear jewelry.

Cosmo Petrone Bags

Genuine leather bags produced by craftsmen, customizable with unique high quality jewels with the made in Italy brand.

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